Volume 67, No. 2 (2015)

Maine Law Review Symposium
The Legacy of Senator Edmund Muskie

Connecting Law and Legislature: The Legacy of Ed Muskie
Samuel J. Baldwin

Rediscovering Sentor Edmund Muskie
The Honorable Kermit V. Lipez

Edmund S. Muskie: The Environmental Leader and Champion
Joel K. Goldstein

Edmund S. Muskie: A Man with a Vision
Leon G. Billings

Senator Edmund Muskie’s Enduring Legacy in the Courts
Richard J. Lazarus

Edmund Muskie’s Creative Federalism and Urban Development Today
Peter Pitegoff

Model Cities, Senator Muskie and Creative Federalism
Donald E. Nicoll

Urban Development Legislation for Cities, by Cities
Kellen Zale

The Legacy of Senator Edmund Muskie
Robert E. Hirshon

Legal Aid and Legal Services: An Overview
The Honorable Howard Dana

Remembering Ed Muskie: His Commitment and Contributions to Civil Access Justice
The Honorable Andrew M. Mead

Presidential Fiscal Accountability Following the Budget Act of 1974
Louis Fisher


The Road Less Travelled: The Maine Energy Cost Reduction Act, Economic Federalism, And A Modern Approach to Preemption Analysis Under the Natural Gas Act
Benjamin McCall

Case Notes:

Are Your My Mother? A Critique of the Requirements for De Facto Parenthood in Maine Following the Law Court’s Decision in Pitts v. Moore
Samuel Johnson

Exhausted Yet? Stephens v. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation and the Application of the Exhaustion Doctrine to Statute-Based ERISA Claims
Carson D. Phillips-Spotts

State v. Lovejoy: Should Pre-Arrest, Pre-Miranda Silence be Admissible During the State’s Case-in-Chief as Substantive Evidence of Guilt?
Mark Rucci

What Constitutes “Custody” under Miranda?: An Examination of Maine’s Test as Applied in State v. Kittredge
Elizabeth Tull