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The EIC has ultimate responsibility for all of the Law Review’s operations and activities and is the primary source of determining matters of editorial policy. In addition to a number of administrative duties, the EIC oversees the work of the Law Review Board and Staff. The EIC is the ultimate supervisor of the Production, Editorial, and Writing Teams.

Bill Wahrer

Executive Editor

The Executive Editor oversees the Articles Editors, and is generally responsible for the process of article solicitation, selection, and editing.  The Executive Editor works closely with the EIC by deciding the scope of the book and then with the Articles Editors to carefully scrutinize submissions.

Joseph Greene

Managing Editor

The Managing Editor’s primary role is to ensure that the Law Review is published in a timely manner and is of the highest quality. To that end, the Managing Editor oversees and works closely with the Production, Technical, and Research Editors, and coordinates the flow, direction, and deadlines of production work.

Cyrus Cheslak

Head Case Note & Comment Editor

The Head Case Note and Comment Editor is responsible for the development of the case note and comment program.  Primary duties include supervising case note and comment editors as they provide guidance during topic selection, outline, and preliminary and final draft stages.

Josh Avery

Articles Editor

The Articles Editors are primarily responsible for soliciting and selecting lead articles from law professors, attorneys, and other practitioners.  The Articles Editors are expected to promptly read their assigned articles and determine their reviews, having worked with the Executive Editor to determine the reviewing standards.

Michael Walker

Online Editor

The Online Editor is responsible for maintaining the Law Review‘s website.  The Online Editor is also responsible for uploading the articles from each volume onto the law school’s digital commons.

Sara Cressey

Case Note & Comment Editor

The Case Note and Comment Editors are responsible for the development of case notes and comments written by the Staff.  Primary duties include supervising staff members during topic selection, outline, and preliminary and final draft stages

Katie Bressler

Articles Editor

Ariel Pardee

Technical Editor

The Technical Editor is primarily responsible for overseeing that citations are consistent (1) the Maine Law Review Idiosyncratic Rules, (2) Uniform Maine Citations, and (3) the Bluebook.

Jana Kenney

Alex Harriman

Articles Editor

Nicole Mason

Research Editor

The Research Editor is responsible for the timely organization of citation lists used in the wall building process, and is the primary contact with the law library and interlibrary-loan department.  The Research Editor works closely with the Production Editors during the beginning of the production process.

Casey Olesen

Case Note & Comment Editor


Maine Law Review Staff

  • Charlie Boyle
  • Rebecca Dulik
  • Cameron Goodwin
  • Hilary Gove
  • Jamie Lynn Bice
  • Joe Mavodones
  • Daniel McCue
  • Brittany Michaud
  • Caihlan Snyder
  • Nicole Springstroh
  • Brooke Suckow-Maines
  • Sean Turley
  • Mac Walton
  • Grant Whelan
  • Hannah Wurgaft