Maine Law Review, Vol. 67, No. 1

MLR 67:1

Announcing the publication of Maine Law Review, Volume 67, No. 1!   Congratulations to all of the authors.  PDF copies of each article are linked below.  Additionally, we are currently seeking submissions for next year’s volume.  Inquiries and questions can be directed to


Medical Debt as a Cause of Consumer Bankruptcy

Daniel A. Austin

Knock and Talk No More

Jamesa J. Drake

Inconvenient Truths: Facts and Frictions in Defense of Guardians ad Litem for Children

Dana E. Prescott

Reason and Reasonableness: The Necessary Diversity of the Common Law

Frederic G. Sourgens



Compelled to Testify: An Evaluation of 32 M.R.S.A. § 7005 and the Privilege for Maine Licensed Clinical Social Workers

Juliana Kirkland O’Brien


Case Notes

McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission and the Supreme Court’s Narrowed Definition of Corruption

Mikala Noe

Dussault v. RRE Coach Lantern Holdings, LLC: Does the Maine Human Rights Act Recognize Disparate Impact Liability for Claims of Housing Discrimination Brought by Section 8 Recipients Under Maine Law?

Ari B. Solotoff