Volume 69, No. 2 (2017)


pdf-downloadThe First Amendment and the Police in the Digital Age
Kermit V. Lipez

pdf-downloadThe Federal Government’s Role in Securing Justice in Domestic Abuse Cases
Margaret Groban


pdf-downloadYershov v. Gannett: Rethinking the VPPA in the 21st Century
Ariel A. Pardee


pdf-downloadPutting the Restroom Debate to Rest: Addressing Title IX and Equal Protection in G.G. ex rel. Grimm v. Gloucester County School Board
Alexandra A. Harriman

pdf-downloadRapid Litigation Management Ltd. V. CellzDirect, Inc.: Limiting the Use of Subject Matter as a Functional Barrier to Patent Eligibility in the Biotechnology Industry
Casey M. Olesen

pdf-downloadSkidmore v. Led Zeppelin: Extraordinary Circumstances and the Perpetual Statute of Limitations in Copyright Infringement
Joseph A. Greene