Volume 67, No. 2 (2015)

Maine Law Review Symposium
The Legacy of Senator Edmund Muskie


Connecting Law and Legislature: The Legacy of Ed Muskie

Samuel J. Baldwin

pdf-downloadRediscovering Senator Edmund Muskie
The Honorable Kermit V. Lipez

pdf-downloadEdmund S. Muskie: The Environmental Leader and Champion
Joel K. Goldstein

pdf-downloadEdmund S. Muskie: A Man with a Vision
Leon G. Billings

pdf-downloadSenator Edmund Muskie’s Enduring Legacy in the Courts
Richard J. Lazarus

pdf-downloadEdmund Muskie’s Creative Federalism and Urban Development Today
Peter Pitegoff

pdf-downloadModel Cities, Senator Muskie and Creative Federalism
Donald E. Nicoll

pdf-downloadUrban Development Legislation for Cities, by Cities
Kellen Zale

pdf-downloadThe Legacy of Senator Edmund Muskie
Robert E. Hirshon

pdf-downloadLegal Aid and Legal Services: An Overview
The Honorable Howard Dana

pdf-downloadRemembering Ed Muskie: His Commitment and Contributions to Civil Access Justice
The Honorable Andrew M. Mead

pdf-downloadPresidential Fiscal Accountability Following the Budget Act of 1974
Louis Fisher


pdf-downloadThe Road Less Travelled: The Maine Energy Cost Reduction Act, Economic Federalism, And A Modern Approach to Preemption Analysis Under the Natural Gas Act
Benjamin McCall


pdf-downloadAre Your My Mother? A Critique of the Requirements for De Facto Parenthood in Maine Following the Law Court’s Decision in Pitts v. Moore
Samuel Johnson

pdf-downloadExhausted Yet? Stephens v. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation and the Application of the Exhaustion Doctrine to Statute-Based ERISA Claims
Carson D. Phillips-Spotts

pdf-downloadState v. Lovejoy: Should Pre-Arrest, Pre-Miranda Silence be Admissible During the State’s Case-in-Chief as Substantive Evidence of Guilt?
Mark Rucci

pdf-downloadWhat Constitutes “Custody” under Miranda?: An Examination of Maine’s Test as Applied in State v. Kittredge
Elizabeth Tull