Volume 65, No. 1 (2013)


The Foreign Trade Antitrust Improvements Act: Do We Really Want to Return toAmerican Banana?
Joseph P. Bauer
Art Crimes?: Theoretical Perspectives on Copyright Protection for Illegally-Created Graffiti Art
Jamison Davies
Kentucky v. King: A New Approach to Consent-Based Police Encounters?
Jamesa J. Drake
Constitution Day Lecture: American Constitutionalism, Almost (But Not Quite) Version 2.0
Richard H. Fallon, Jr.
Bargaining for Power: Resolving Open Questions from NRG Power Marketing, LLC v. Maine Public Utilities Commission
Michael Keegan
The Difficulties of Encouraging Cooperation in a Zero-Sum Game
Jacob Kreutzer
Speaking of Workplace Harassment: A First Amendment Push Toward a Status-Blind Statute Regulating “Workplace Bullying”
Jessica R. Vartanian
Mediation and International Investment: A Chinese Perspective
WANG Guigo and HE Xiaoli
Twentieth Annual Frank M. Coffin Lecture on Law and Public Service: Worldly Public Service
Jeffrey S. Lehman
What Can the Feds and the French Teach Us About Criminal Restitution in Maine?
Benjamin M. Birney
Domestic Violence and Enforcement of Protection from Abuse Orders: Simple Fixes to Help Prevent Intra-Family Homicide
Nicole R. Bissonnette
Fishing, Fowling, and Dockominiums: Maine’s Need for a New Approach to Public and Private Intertidal Rights
Agnieszka A. Pinette
Case Notes
State v. McPartland: Applying the Reasonable Articulable Suspicion Standard to Secondary Screening Referrals at Sobriety Checkpoints in Maine and the Proper Role of the Law Court in Reviewing a Trial Court’s Application of This Standard
Holly L. Doherty
The Law Court’s Unfinished Analysis in State v. Ali: Applying Padilla in Maine to Remove Procedural Barriers to Non-Citizens’ Ineffective Assistance of Counsel Claims
Hannah McMullen