Volume 69, No. 1 (2017)


pdf-downloadThe First Wartime Water Torture by Americans
Allan W. Vestal

pdf-downloadThe New Phoenix: Maine’s Innovative Standards for Guardians Ad Litem
Dana E. Prescott

pdf-downloadKids Will Be Kids: Time for a “Reasonable Child” Standard for the Proof of Objective Mens Rea Elements
Christopher Northrop & Kristina R. Rozan

pdf-downloadRetributive Medication: A Discussion of a Maine Law Allowing Involuntary, Forcible Medication of a Pretrial Defendant For The Purpose of Rendering the Defendant Competent to Stand Trial
Ashley T. Perry

pdf-downloadA Modern Look at the Right to a Civil Jury Trial Under the Maine Constitution
Carolyn Liegner


pdf-downloadHow a Bill Becomes a Law in Maine: Governor LePage, the State Legislature, and the 2015 Opinion of the Justices on the Veto Question
Connor Schratz