Volume 64, No. 1 (2012)


Not Losing the Forest for the Trees: Distinguising Conservation Transfer Fees from Other Private Transfer Fees
Frank C. Aiello
Leverage: State Enforcement Actions in the Wake of the Robo-Sign Scandal
Raymond H. Brescia
Law in Books and Law in Action: The Problem of Legal Change
Jean-Louis Halpérin
“Sweet Childish Days”: Using Developmental Psychology Research in Evaluating the Admissibility of Out-of-Court Statements by Young Children
Lynn McLain
Textualism and the Problem of Scrivener’s Error
John David Ohlendorf
Hate Speech in the Schools: A Potential Change in Direction
Kevin W. Saunders
God’s Green Earth? The Environmental Impacts of Religious Land Use
Kellen Zale
Nineteenth Annual Frank M. Coffin Lecture on Law and Public Service: Community, Rights, and Climate: A Challenge to a Clever Species
Jonathan Lash
Maine’s Foreclosure Mediation Program: What Should Constitute a Good Faith Effort to Mediate?
Jesse D. Stewart
The Prolonged Arm of the Law: Fourth Amendment Principles, the MaynardDecision, and the Need for a New Warrant for Electronic Tracking
Reeve Wood
Case Notes
It Has to End Somewhere: Feiereisen v. Newpage Corp. and the Scope of the Employment Contract
Benjamin R. Hutchinson
Discharging State v. Hurd: Maine Rule of Evidence 606(B) Should Not Be Used to Prevent a Jury from Fully Reporting its Verdict
William Olver
Enforcement Dissonance: Lobsters, the Legislature, and Federal Waters inState v. Thomas
Christopher J. Rauscher