Volume 66, No. 2 (2014)


Symposium – Who’s Governing Privacy? Regulation and Protection in a Digital Era: Introduction

Peter J. Guffin, Kyle J. Glover, and Sara M. Benjamin


The Glass House Effect: Big Data, The New Oil, and the Power of Analogy
Dennis D. Hirsch

Local Law Enforcement Jumps on the Big Data Bandwagon: Automated License Plate Recognition Systems, Information Privacy, and Access to Government Information
Bryce Clayton Newell

The Promise and Shortcomings of Privacy Multistakeholder Policymaking: A Case Study
Omer Tene and J. Trevor Hughes

Privacy Law’s Precautionary Principle Problem
Adam Thierer

Privacy and Security in the Cloud: Some Realism About Technical Solutions to Transnational Surveillance in the Post-Snowden Era
Joris V.J. van Hoboken and Ira S. Rubinstein


Waiting for Gluskabe: An Examination of Maine’s Colonialist Legacy Suffered by Native American Tribes under the Maine Indian Claims Settlement Act of 1980
Joseph G.E. Gousse

Case Notes

Trott v. H.D. Goodall Hospital: When Analyzing Employment Discrimination Cases Under Maine Law, Should Maine Courts Continue to Apply the Mcdonnell Douglas Analysis at the Summary Judgment Stage?
Ari B. Solotoff

What is the Scope of Searches of Cell Phones Incident to Arrest? United States v. Wurie and the Return of Chimel
Benjamin Wahrer