Volume 63, No. 2 (2011)


Symposium: Remembering Judge Frank M. Coffin: A Remarkable Legacy
The Honorable Stephen Breyer
Articles and Essays
The Legacy of Frank M. Coffin
Peter Pitegoff
Frank Coffin and Enlightened Governance
The Honorable Robert A. Katzmann
Frank Morey Coffin’s Political Years: Prelude to a Judgeship
Don Nicoll
Coffin’s Court: A Colleague’s View
The Honorable Levin Campbell
The Ways of a Judge and On Appeal
The Honorable Kermit V.Lipez
In His Own Words: Judge Coffin and Workability
William C. Kelly, Jr.
The Speeches of Frank M. Coffin: A Sideline to Judging
The Honorable Daniel Wathen & Barabara Riegelhaupt
The Judge and His Clerks
Barbara Riegelhaupt & Kaighn Smith, Jr.
Reflections on Forty Years of Private Practice and Sustained Pro Bono Advocacy
Stephen Oleskey
Case Notes
Enough is Enough: The Law Court’s Decision to Functionally Raise the “Reasonable Connection” Relevancy Standard in State v. Mitchell
Robert Hayes
Estate of Fortier v. City of Lewiston: Is Maine’s Tort Claims Act Unintelligible?
William Olver
Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin: Navigating the Narrows between Grutterand Parents Involved
Kimberly A. Pacelli
“I Did Not Want a Mad Dog Released” – The Results of Perfect Ignorance: Lack of Jury Instructions Regarding the Consequences of an Insanity Verdict in State v. Okie
Christopher J. Rasucher